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Spring Cleaning, Quick & Cheap!

 1.     The Garage Door

You have probably never thought about cleaning the garage door, but I can guarantee you it is dirty!  Luckily, it is a very easy thing to clean and you will not need much.  Tip: Get your kids involved in this task!

Necessities:   1. Electric Pressure Washer 2. Dish Soap 3. Towels 4. Bucket 5. Water

Step 1: Pour a small amount of dish soap into the bucket.  Next fill the bucket with water, get the rag wet, then wipe the garage door as you would with a car.

Step 2: After you have wiped the entire surface with soapy water, spray it with the pressure washer. Make sure to wash the trim around the door too for an extra clean look!  Tip: Be cautious with the setting on the pressure washer, too much pressure can cut through wood, brick, concrete and other materials.


2.       Windows

After a season of rain, the windows on your house can look dreary and dirty.  When the sun finally comes out you want to be able to enjoy the view, not look at water spots!  We have a quick and easy solution for you that will leave you with professional results!

Necessities: 1. SteamMachine 2. Water 3. Towels 4. Step ladder (if needed)

Step 1: Fill the SteamMachine with water, and let it sit until the water is hot.  Using the attached hose steam the window in an upward motion.  After you go upward with steam, use the attached squeegee the window on the way back down.

Step 2: Use a towel to wipe excess dirt and water off the bottom of the window.  You will be amazed at the gunk the steam will get off the window!


3.       The Porch

The front porch is the first impression guests will get of your home, so it is definitely not an area you want to ignore.  There are many pieces that make up the front porch: front door, windows, threshold steps, lights, etc.  Luckily, they are all easy cleaning.


Necessities: 1. Broom 2. Water 3. Dish Soap 4. Towels 5. Step ladder


Step 1: Remove the light fixtures, empty the dead bugs into the trash, and wash the glass bulb in the sink with soap and water.  Dry it off and secure it back into place.

Step 2: Sweep the front porch.

Step 3: Wipe down the front door and the threshold with a damp rag. By cleaning the threshold you will keep dirt from getting tracked into your home. 

Step 4: Make your porch looking inviting by tidying up and adding fresh flowers.


4.       Patio Furniture

Once your guests arrive, you will want to make sure that they have a clean place to sit and relax!


Necessities: 1. Dish Soap 2. Water 3. Empty Spray Bottle 4. Towels 5. Vacuum


Step 1: Remove the cushions from your patio furniture and vacuum any leaves, crumbs, pet hair etc. that has been left on the seats.

Step 2: Vacuum the cushions and pillows to get the dust and pollen out.  Set the clean items aside.

Step 3: Fill the spray bottle with warm water and soap and lightly shake to mix.

Step 4: Spray the patio furniture with the mixture then wipe with a clean towel.  After washing the furniture, dampen a second clean rag and wipe down to remove any soap residue.

Step 5: Replace the cushions and pillows, and your furniture will look as good as new!

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